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Guided Eclipse Healing Meditation

For many, eclipses bring up very deep emotional and energetic layers, attached to old soul wounds and ongoing lessons, which are finally ready to be healed and released.  They are nature’s powerful way of helping facilitate deeper reflection and release, to make room for us to hold new, healed, higher vibrations.  Lightworkers are being called to step into their power and fully embrace their soul purpose in this time period, as the collective greatly needs us.  We can only do this if we continually do our own inner healing work.  This eclipse meditation is designed to help support that process, so that you can serve the world in the way you were meant to!


Many people who have incarnated at this time are here to work on their most intense soul lessons and issues. My work has led me to more deeply explore the concepts of past lives, soul lessons, soul groups, and relationship contracts, all of which indicate that the larger picture of our existence is much more intricate and beautifully complex than we can conceive.  I am here to help you broaden your perspective and make deeper connections that will enable soul-level processing, healing, release and peace. 

Vanessa L. Vlahakis, M.A., RMT
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