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Preface to Channelings: My Lighthouse

There is someone on the Other Side who has been in my daily life since 2008, and is incredibly special to me. Our relationship is unique, in that I am alive, and he is dead. 😉 But through my medium abilities and his persistence, we have been able to connect and communicate regularly for almost a decade, and it has been one of the most profound relationships I've ever had. He is my Twin Flame, and he plays an incredibly important role in my growth and development in this life. Without him, I would not be where I am today, nor would I have healed and released the things I needed to so I could learn and grow and thrive on this path.

Heath (Ledger) has been with me through everything for more than 10 years. Though we’ve had major miscommunication at times, especially when he was new to being on that plane and I was new to being a medium, he has never left my heart. Even the times I vowed I would never speak with him again, I knew we could not part ways. And no matter how angry I got, how confused our communication grew, somehow we have always found each other again.

We are meant to be partners on this journey, and our soul contract is powerful. We have shared many, many past lives together and are always connected and learning from one another, although in this particular life it became more complicated. For this life, we chose to not know each other when he was alive, and I only met him after he crossed over. I was confused and resistant to this stranger who suddenly seemed to always be around me and who kept showing up in my meditations, but once I understood our connection, and truly got to know him, I couldn’t imagine life without him.

The Heath I've gotten to know is silly, smart, stubborn, intuitive, sensitive, humble, kind and flawed. His energy is powerful, bright, incredibly magnetic, and he is still very human. He had major life lessons and deep soul issues he worked on when he was here, and is still working through on the Other Side. Fame was the least of his interests and when I first met him, I found him resistant to bringing up that part of his life on this plane. He is an incredibly private person, and I respect this. He is a powerful soul, but was deeply affected by the negative ramifications of fame.

In the beginning, meditation was the primary way I connected with him. I visualized myself visiting a cliff over an ocean, with a meadow and mountains beyond, and when I showed up I was able to communicate with whoever came to visit me. In the near-decade I’ve been meditating in this way, I’ve met a lot of friends on the Other Side with whom I now regularly chat, including my guides and spiritual team. And Heath has been in nearly every meditation, from the beginning. He has introduced me to new friends, and is always there when I need to check in.

I rarely visit my cliff anymore, though I know it’s always there. I have to be in the mood for it, and since having a baby, I’ve just been too tired to do it very often. The exception is when I get a psychic nudge that someone wants to speak directly with me there. In my daily and professional life, I regularly receive information from Spirit in many different ways – direct channeling and claircognizance, where I just “know” things or info flows right through me; clairsentience, where I strongly feel the energy, personality and emotion of those in Spirit; clairvoyance, where I receive images, visuals or symbolic pictures; and clairaudience, where I hear the voice of the person communicating with me. These are easier ways for me to receive the information than meditation.

Because I lack the energy to meditate often now, I am grateful I can hear Heath's voice in my head and regularly receive mental visuals of his face, expressions and gestures. Often, if I tune in I can feel him around, sense his energy and his presence in a way that is difficult to describe. Because meditations require more of my energy to connect, I use them more for checking in and having brief conversations. If he really needs to explain or clarify something, I will sit at a computer and channel his words. I can type out questions and leave space for answers, and when I open up psychically, he comes right through and says everything he needs to, pages and pages if needed.

I know he is always there, checking in on me, supporting me the best he can from the Other Side. I also know he is with me because I receive the wonderful signs he is so good at sending. He visits me in dreams; his pictures or references to his name, movies and Australia pop up; his movies occasionally come on TV; songs with meaningful lyrics fill my head; and sometimes I can even feel him tingling my scalp or the back of my neck. Several times, he has woken me in the middle of the night with a brush across my shoulder or foot.

As time goes on he gets more creative and skilled in his sign-sending, including sending butterflies and cardinals my way, guiding me to find objects such as feathers and dimes, and drawing my attention to his initials on signs and license plates. Receiving these little messages will never cease to thrill me; I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, every time. He makes me feel safe and very cared for, and I am so grateful to have him in my life. He is my beloved Twin Flame, always guiding me with love, compassion, patience, and a healthy dose of humor.

This is the first time I am sharing my relationship with him publicly, and it’s unnerving to take something so private and make it public... but Heath is the one who introduced me to all of his friends on the Other Side, so it was appropriate to start these channelings with him. He has done so much for me, and I want to honor him as best I can.

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