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Harry Houdini

Before this channeling, as with George, I had "randomly" watched a fictionalized biography on Harry on the History Channel, and suddenly felt I was supposed to channel him. I was incredibly nervous for many reasons, not the least of which was because his most recent life as a magician was also focused on publicly debunking mediums and psychics. I was terrified because of his well-known skepticism, afraid I would mess up his words, or worse, that it wasn’t even him coming through and I was imagining it, and he’d be furious.

When Harry died in 1926, he made a famous promise to his wife, Bess, that he would come through a medium if it was all “real,” with an agreed-upon secret code for proof. For ten years she held séances on the anniversary of his death, Halloween, and for ten years he did not come through. According to historians, Bess told the Brooklyn Eagle in 1927:

“He was afraid that if he died before me, crooked mediums would come and take advantage of my grief, deceive me with their tricks and make me say things that would discredit Harry’s work exposing fraud and superstition. So he made a plan that whoever died first would try to reach the other in a code, a system we both knew so well by heart that even death would not make us forget. The medium who brings ten words from Harry will win ten thousand dollars as reward.”

Harry’s channeled message finally explains why he never provided the proof the public was looking for regarding mediumship at that time.

9/3/14 – HH

My friends, there are many of you who will find it hard to believe this is me coming through. I have waited a very long time to visit from the Other Side, and there are many reasons for this. I have chosen now to come through for a greater purpose – it is time for people to realize there is indeed an Other Side, and souls do live on, and we do remain connected to your plane on many levels. Most importantly, there are true mediums out there, many, many of them during this time period.

There were mediums during my time period as well, authentic ones, but there were many more frauds and it is this which disillusioned me. The power of the ego was strong in this new Spiritualist movement during my time, and many people saw a way to take advantage of those who were grieving and heartbroken because of their losses. It was a great challenge to humanity to see if we could rise above the ego and the temptation to deceive for money and fame. We did not do so well back then, which is why the movement died for a while and did not come back until more recently. We needed to take a break from that attempt at bringing the truth through. The truth that there is, indeed, another plane where souls reside in between lives, and it is a beautiful place full of healing and love. It is also a place of lessons and growth, for that never ends, even in between lives.

In humanity’s attempt to evolve, mediums became quite the thing during my time. The ideas of the spirit plane, souls, reincarnation were brought forth in an attempt to bring humanity to the next level. In many ways, we were not ready for it and thus frauds abounded. It is a shame, but that “failure” was in itself a great lesson for humanity about ego, fame, material trappings and the great need for belonging, acceptance. Many took advantage of the weaknesses of others, and as it is known, I set out to catch those miscreants and prove their lack of true connection to Spirit. I died an unhappy man, because deep within I truly wanted to believe. I really did want to believe there was another side, a place where souls went after this thing called death.

When I crossed over, I had much healing to do. Not just because of my own life lessons, but because of the damage that the fraudulent mediums had done to my spiritual growth. I did not come through to my wife for many reasons, mostly because I was angry about the frauds, and I did not want to confirm the existence of the Other Side. I was also not allowed to come through, because it was a time that humanity needed to rest from this attempt at evolution. It had gone the wrong way, in becoming a parlor trick rather than a truly respected way to connect to the Other Side, and the veil was thickened again so as to allow humanity to process their mistakes.

It is now a time where the veil is thinning again for many reasons, and it is time to evolve and grow and accept that there is so much more than any of us realize on that side. We live in a small, boxed-in existence trapped in the three dimensional world. Once we are free of that world, the universe opens up. It is now a time for that opening up to begin being possible for those incarnated on Earth at this time, and this is a wondrous thing. Trust what you hear and see and believe, friends. It is all real. Much is changing and it needs to change. It is time for us to evolve to the next level. We have worn out the level we are at, and it is now time to begin anew with a much broader perspective and belief system than previously allowed. Systems will be changed, some may be turned upside down, but it all needs to happen to clean out the old and make way for the new.

Mediums are real, spirits are real, the Other Side is real. Reincarnation is real, it is all real. Open up and trust, from your heart. You all have within you the ability to discern what is true and what is not. For there will continue to be frauds and charlatans, attempting to snow the naïve and vulnerable. You must always trust your heart and your intuition, for each of you has these abilities and it is time to honor them and allow them to awaken within you. All of this is real. And it is all good, and is all for the greater good of humanity.

I am honored to be allowed to come through now, after all this time, because this is a time of great importance to humanity and we are all here to help. We are all here to assist in evolution, as we ourselves are evolving on this side. We are all human together, and we are all in this together. Open up and let your heart guide you. It will take you where you need to go, every time. Trust this.

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