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George Harrison

I have to preface this next one by admitting I am not a huge, rabid Beatles fan. I do like their music and there are certain songs I really enjoy. This isn't a popular thing to confess, I realize, but it will illustrate how good Spirit is at getting our attention when they need to. When the time came for this next channeling, I "randomly" I caught a two-hour documentary about George on TV. I wasn't that interested, but I like documentaries so I put it on in the background while I did other things. I would have thought nothing of it except that suddenly that week, there were quite a few references to him in particular, each finding me in creative ways. A meme with his face and a quote surfaced on Facebook and was in several of my friends' feeds, another friend showed me a written biography on George that he'd just purchased, someone randomly mentioned him in a group setting – all within two days of the documentary. He’d been on the Other Side a long time, so it felt like someone was trying to get my attention. 😉 When I tuned in, I found it was indeed time to channel.

Afterward, I meditated and chatted with him. He appeared as he knew I would recognize him from the documentary, in his 50s, rather than in the youth of his hey-day with one of the most popular English rock bands of the 1960s. He was kind and I really enjoyed meeting with him – and I think his message is so important, especially in these times.

12/31/14 – GH

I want to talk today about balance. This is not easy to achieve on this plane, in this world, when dichotomies exist every which way you turn. My life was a good example of that – fame and fortune and material things on one hand, spiritual connection and pursuit and devotion on the other. I had a greatly difficult time finding balance between the two worlds, Earth and Spirit. It was a struggle I fought most of my adult life. I was a man of extremes, and quite easily fell into one or the other end of the pendulum more often than not.

I truly did not know how to balance living on this Earth with honoring the spiritual part of my being, and that’s what I want to share with you all today. It is possible, and moreover it is crucial that we all learn to balance living on this plane with honoring our soul’s greater spiritual needs. There are a lot of extremists in this world today, religious extremists, material extremists, power-hungry extremists… those who live solely focused on the Earth plane and material goods and wealth and “power” in the way they see power, those who live too much focused on the spiritual side of life to the point that they are ungrounded and flighty and unbalanced, too much in the outer realms of existence and not experiencing life as they should on this plane. It is easy to swing either way on the pendulum, to either extreme.

I did both, and that was one of my major life lessons. Major soul lessons, rather: learning balance and learning how to honor both my physical existence on this plane and my greater spiritual needs. I came here to learn about excess, temptation, boundaries, balance, grounding and stability. My spiritual pursuits greatly helped me find inner equilibrium, but there were times that I swung the other direction and rejected all that was on this plane. That is not healthy, either, though many believe that it is.

The key to learning in this world is balance. You must fully live on this plane, experience the challenges and lessons and quests you have set out for your soul to learn in the physical world. This means not hiding from the real world, not sequestering away while you meditate 20 hours a day and refuse to engage in the world at large. You must also take time to honor your soul’s greater existence, which means stepping out of the rat-race, as they call it, and having quiet time to give your soul what it needs – whether that is meditation, a nature walk, reading a good book, pursuing art or music. It need not be to the extreme that I thought it needed to be, when I was there. There always must be balance, and equilibrium. I did not have that often, and that was my lesson.

Though we are souls of unimaginable power and beauty, we also must squeeze into little human bodies and experience little human experiences so we can grow and develop and evolve. The test is not to get too caught up in those experiences, to learn what is needed but also to remember where we came from, and what is truly important – love, balance, connection, kindness.

None of the rest matters, though we must go through it to learn the truth of existence. Always remember your balance, living life to the fullest and also honoring the greatness of your soul. In this, you will truly learn and grow the way you have come here to do. And we are all with you, watching you and supporting you in this journey. It is not easy, we all know this. But it is what we all come here to do. Know you are loved, and loving. It is all that matters.

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