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An Important Channeled Message for Lightworkers Following the Election:

Channeled November 10, 2016, by Vanessa L. Vlahakis

Dear Ones, Lightworkers, Spirits of Power,

We are coming to you now to give you strength and hope in a time of desperate need.  There is much happening behind the scenes that you are unaware of, and you are being called to trust above all else.  Trust in Spirit, trust in the Universe, trust in each other and most of all, trust in yourselves.  You are being called to anchor the light in these seemingly dark times.  Hatred, rage, pain, fear – the deepest of wounds from massive unhealed global traumas of past lives, historical time periods, heavily ingrained societal and cultural beliefs are being brought to the surface, as it is time for humanity to finally face, heal and release injuries that your souls have clung to for centuries, eons. 

As many of you have been recently facing your own deepest personal wounding and pain through “hitting rock bottom,” as it is commonly called, the results of this current election are causing the country to hit that “bottom” so that the deepest fears, pain and wounds of your society are finally brought forth, wounds that have been covered up or outright ignored for lifetimes.  Now is the time to get to the root of all toxic energy that your souls have been holding on to from past wounding, and this is why the current election had to end the way it did. 

But it is not over, not by far.  There is much that will happen that will surprise you all, but it will take time to unfold.  Systems must be ended, reimagined, changed in ways that are currently difficult to even conceive.  But to achieve that reimagining and that deepest change, your country had to “bottom out” completely to truly mobilize and inspire.  It will take work, much deep work, but it is time and is part of the greater ascension of humanity out of third dimensional (segregated, fear-based, victimized, disempowered) living and into higher dimensions where humanity finally realizes each and every soul on earth has the sovereign power and light to create their own reality, and all are equal.  The old systems must crumble, and this is election is just the beginning.  But it is as it must be, for the evolution of your society. 

The time of living in the traditional fear-based, unbalanced, disenfranchised, disempowered 3-D illusion is over.  Humanity on a soul level is not separated by race, class, gender, religion, affluence, education, etc.  These are human constructs in a 3-D world, set in place centuries ago to empower those who sought to dominate and rule over others.  These systems have been bought into by all of humanity for lifetimes because there was no other alternative before now. 

But it is finally time in your society’s evolutionary process for true, real change, unprecedented change that has never before been possible.  The reason it is possible now is that so many of you have incarnated as healers and in turn have done your own personal work and growth to uncover the light, strength, power and beauty within, and that has secured enough light on earth that it is now possible to help the rest shatter all old illusion and ascend with you. 

To do this, as lightworkers, you are being called to be the anchor in this turbulent ocean, the lighthouse in this hurricane, the column of light in the surrounding darkness for others to hold onto in their desperate time of need. 

We tell you now, fear is the worst possible energy to give in to right now.  DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE FEAR WITHIN AND AROUND YOU, we implore you.  Though all seems hopeless, desperate, unfixable, and terrifying right now, should you give in to the rising fear that is currently taking over the majority of your society, the changes that need to happen will not occur.  The destruction of old harmful systems will not take place, and more of the same will continue. 

Your fear will actually feed that which you fear the most.  We say again:  Your fear will actually feed that which you fear the most. 

If you take nothing else from this message, we implore you to take that sentence deeply into your heart.  The more you give in to your fears, the more others who are not anchored in the light will feed off of that fear, and this energy will in turn feed those who are looking to do harm through this new presidency.  Fear is food for harmful actions.  Fear feeds the darker energies.  If nothing else, you must fight the rising fear within as best you can, at all times. 

We ask you now, as lightworkers, to model calm, model peace, model centeredness, model unconditional love, model healing in whatever way, big or small, you are able to at this time.  The energy you emanate daily, from your soul, will provide healing for others on deeper levels than you can begin to imagine.  While others walk around in fear and panic and desperation, you are being asked to fight the urge to join them.  You are being asked to walk this earth radiating love, calm, peace, centeredness, groundedness as best you can.  We know this is a monumental task to ask during this time.  But we cannot emphasize enough what this will do to help shift all of society and help bring in the new changes that are so desperately needed in your world. 


We are here for you during this very difficult time.  When you feel the panic and fear begin to take hold, when you feel the anger and rage and powerlessness swirling within you, call on us.  Your guides, the angels, the ascended masters, Mother Earth, whomever you are comfortable calling on.  Please, please call on us to help ground you and channel out the toxic energies of fear and pain and anger that will only cause more harm at this time.  Utilize your self-care skills, all spiritual and creative tools that help center you, and most of all utilize each other.  Call on each other for support, to remind all that you are walking together in love and light at this most turbulent time. 

We understand that human emotions are difficult to regulate and can at times feel completely overwhelming.  We ask that you utilize your support systems, on earth and in spirit, when you feel you cannot be the pillar of light we are asking.  Remember you are all a network of healing souls, and you have all contracted to incarnate together to help humanity through this most challenging, frightening time.  Your souls are all intricately connected from other lives, and you have done this sort of work before together, many times.  Do not isolate now.  Call on your fellow lightworkers whenever the darkness feels too much.  You are all in this together and you can all help one another maintain a united front of love and light for all who feel lost and alone and powerless. 

This is ultimately what you have all contracted to do in this life.  This is what it has been building toward.  You knew, coming into this current life, that things would eventually be turned upside down in society as you know it, but that the changes are desperately needed for the evolution of humanity.  And you all agreed to come in as the lightworkers and healers you are, to help those who do not yet have the tools to find personal strength, trust and sovereignty as souls.  This is your greatest task in this life, right now:  to anchor the light and model unconditional love and peace for all around you during the most frightening of times. 

We are here to help you in any way we can.  Trust yourselves, trust each other and know that this has all been pre-designed to help elevate humanity.  There is light at the end of this seemingly darkest tunnel.  Call on us, call on each other.  We know you can do this most important work.  We love you more than we can say, and are honored to be a part of this historic ascension process.  Thank you for all that you do, from the biggest to the littlest things, to help your fellow humans survive and thrive. 


You are all the most amazing, powerful, light-filled beings.  Never doubt this. 

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