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This is not just a typical Reiki session where you lie on the table and receive Reiki and it's quiet for an hour.  Vanessa combines psychotherapy, Reiki, and spiritual messages through mediumship.  It’s a beautiful combination of somebody who has the knowledge of a psychologist and the energy training of Reiki and mediumship.  Vanessa is a powerful vehicle for Spirit, offering healing messages that bring an understanding that Spirit is always present.  I experience her as highly informed, not only about the emotions related to particular chakras, but also the science regarding moving and releasing negative energy surrounding wounds and traumas.  It seems like this is a true calling for Vanessa, as she is naturally insightful and intuitive.


I have found that Vanessa is very safe, someone with whom you can repair trust issues and form a meaningful connection.  She is calm and inviting, yet she has a knack for pulling things out of people in the best way.  She is "goes there" with the person during a session but doesn’t push, and lets the client go at their own pace.  What I like best is that she helps to co-create a partnership, an enriched environment.  She’s not there to "fix" us, but to work together to heal.  We're on this journey together, and she's the guide.  She's not simply giving me Reiki, she's partnering in the entire process, explaining as she goes.


Vanessa is a very down-to-earth, grounded and humanistic healer.  She is very good at explaining what she is doing before she does it, and throughout the process I am always able to ask questions.  She is both connected to Spirit and grounded in reality in a balanced way.  She works with everyday issues, and is just as capable of dealing with bigger picture spiritual issues.  I enjoy the consistent practice guided by her and look forward to my bi-monthly sessions.

– Elyse S.


Reiki can be unknown to many, but anyone in need of a connecting and healing experience should go to Vanessa.  She somehow manages to find what is troubling one, and can bring it to surface in the most patient, gentle and loving way.  She can help you reach life-changing breakthroughs mentally and emotionally and in turn you will feel revitalized and energized, with the weight of the world gone.


In the past, I'd gone to other Reiki 'masters' and felt nothing different.  When I went to Vanessa, it was an emotionally liberating and clearing-of-the-mind experience.  I left with peace and intention and wisdom on myself.  Everything she says and does has an intention of healing.  Vanessa is true and gifted healer.  Everyone should be so lucky to have a healer in their life like Vanessa. 

– Kelly G.


I’ll admit, at first I was a bit skeptical about doing Reiki since I didn’t know much about it, but my roommate highly recommended Vanessa at Evolving Souls since she did wonders for her shoulder injury.  I’ve been dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis in my knee and lately it’s been stiffening up on me.  After having a session with Vanessa, I can say that I have noticed less stiffness and pain in my knee, and I feel more movement than before.  We also explored some of the underlying energetic and emotional issues of my arthritis, which really gave me insight.  Vanessa definitely helped to make the arthritis manageable.  I liked how she explained every step to me to put me at ease, and she was very easy to talk to.  I’ll definitely be seeing her again, and highly recommend her for healing across many levels.

– Eric G.


Vanessa is incredibly talented and insightful.  She's helped me deepen my understanding of myself, especially at times when I've really needed guidance.  Vanessa's work allows me to really listen to the universe, unobstructed.  I never thought that Reiki would have helped me on my path, but I'm incredibly happy to have found Vanessa and grateful for her enormous talent. 

– Karla F.

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