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 Animal Communication

In my mediumship work, I communicate with animals on the Other Side as well as (human) loved ones.  This helps tremendously in the grief process after we lose one of our beloved furry family members.  One of the most important messages I give from the souls of crossed-over pets is that they are still around us all of the time, watching over us, playing with our other animals and children, and free from all age- and illness-related pain and struggle. 

I can also connect psychically with your living pet, and help address questions or concerns you may have.  As with all people in our lives, we have soul contracts with all animals in our lives.  I am trained to do soul-level animal communication as taught by​ Danielle MacKinnon, and specialize in helping you discern your deeper soul contracts with your pets – why they are with you, and what they are here to help you learn in this lifetime.  Often, they have been with you for many lives, and have much wisdom on a soul level to share with you.

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