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Reiki and Chakra Healing

Reiki is gentle, non-invasive, high-vibration energy channeled from a higher source. It is intelligent and knows exactly where to go in the client’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual energy fields to help heal imbalances, for the client’s highest good at that time.  On a physical level, Reiki can help with stress reduction or easing pain or physical injury.  However, physical symptoms are most often connected to deeper emotional and psychological states; the body always has ways to let us know what needs work emotionally.


I use Reiki as a foundation for all my sessions; the bulk of the therapeutic and spiritual work occurs on the table with Reiki as the underlying “support” energy.  I combine my clinical therapeutic training with chakra healing, mediumship and intuitive readings, shamanic healing, and past life work to uncover deeper life-to-life soul lessons and relationship contracts.  This broader understanding greatly aids in the processing, healing and permanent release of present and past life traumas, and helps clients find ways to understand and handle current difficult situations or relationships.


My clinical background keeps the one-on-one sessions grounded as I help clients move through their spiritual healing journey.  My sessions are highly intuitively guided, and depending on your current needs and interests, we will be spiritually guided to use any combination of clinical counseling, mediumship, channeling, past life work, shamanic healing, chakra work, and intuitive readings to support and further your healing.  I often utilize the seven main chakras and their corresponding emotional and psychological symbolism as a base.  (For an explanation of the chakras’ different meanings and functions, click here.) 

One of the beautiful traits of Reiki is that as it flows through a client, it often awakens and intensifies his or her own intuition, helping to achieve deeper insight and make the connections needed to more fully understand a situation.  Thus, my client and I work in partnership to uncover and heal what is ready to be healed at that time.  It is a beautiful process and I’m always honored to participate!

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