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PLEASE NOTE:  My office is located in Arlington, MA, but I often work long-distance via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Video or Skype video sessions.  The healing work remains the same whether in person or over video, as I can send distant-Reiki during the video session.


  • Time Investment:  30-45 minutes

  • Consult is via phone

  • Consult is free


**Prior to scheduling for ANY individual work, group classes, workshops or Reiki trainings, I will conduct a free initial intuitive and therapeutic assessment call with you.

For individual work, this allows you to share your story and identify why you are seeking help, and I can assess where you are in your therapeutic, healing and spiritual journey.  I also begin to receive intuitive information on this call, which will help us decide what would best serve you at this point in your process.  Should we both feel that you would be better served by one of my colleagues, I will be happy to refer you out.

For group classes, workshops and Reiki trainings, the calls help me intuitively place students together based on their energy and where they are in their spiritual and healing journey.



  • 3-session packages

  • One-on-one sessions, in-person or via video

  • 2 hours each, totaling 6 hours of work over approximately 8 to 10 weeks

  • In-depth healing to deep-dive into soul patterns, wounding, contracts and lessons that are causing struggle in this life and are finally ready to be healed on a soul level

  • Typically for people who have had a form of therapy and have done some internal work already

  • Longer-term therapy and/or spiritual mentoring

  • One-on-one sessions, in-person or via video

  • 1.5 hours each, minimum commitment of 6 sessions, can be weekly or bimonthly

  • Slower-paced, less intense, more exploratory

  • Perfect for Lightworkers just discovering their gifts and for those struggling with their soul path and purpose


  • In-person mediumship and spiritual development classes

  • Small group setting

  • Each class runs 2 hours

  • Bi-monthly meetings over eight+ weeks

  • Online mediumship and spiritual development classes

  • Small group setting via video

  • 8- to 10-week courses, depending on the topic

  • In-person community classes focused on spiritual and therapeutic topics

  • Group setting (size depends on class topic)

  • One full day or afternoon depending on the workshop

  • Reiki attunement classes

  • Small group setting

  • One-day training, approximately 6 hours, for each level

  • Classes offered for Levels I through Master/Teacher



  • Speaking and teaching engagements

  • Available for in-person and online classes, trainings, workshops, retreats, symposiums, etc.

  • Resume available HERE



  • Freelance Editing for Spiritual Books

  • Substantive and mechanical editing

  • Content editing, copyediting, proofing, formatting

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