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My Story

In 2015, I became pregnant with my first child, a beautiful daughter and a very special soul.  Because of my lifelong spiritual connections and pursuits, I experienced the pregnancy in an unexpectedly magical way.  Primarily, one month before I became pregnant, my guides shared with me who my soon-to-be daughter was in her most recent past life, and it very much shaped the entire pregnancy and how we’ve connected in the first few years of her life this time around.  I also learned of two past lives we’ve shared, one as lifelong close friends and one as mother and child, both of which reinforce our deep soul connection.  I’m sure there are many other past life connections we share that I’m not yet aware of.

I ended up beginning a personal blog about all of my experiences with this pregnancy and the journey of parenthood because writing is processing for me.  I’ve decided to share the link on this site because so far, this journey has completely reinforced my belief in the bigger spiritual picture, karma, soul lessons and relationship contracts.  I share my story here in case it helps others more fully understand their own experiences.




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