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Spiritual Mentoring and Mediumship/Psychic Development Classes

Spiritual beliefs and practices are very personal and highly individual.  I strongly believe that every one of us comes here with our own spiritual path to walk, which includes all religions, cultures and backgrounds.  Because I am highly independent and value practicing what is right for me, I respect that independence in others.  I understand that what works for me might not work for someone else, as we each have our own paths to follow. 

As such, I believe we ultimately need to listen to our own intuition when it comes to finding our spiritual direction, over any self-proclaimed “authority.”  Heart-centered discernment is key when evaluating and studying any spiritual belief, theory, concept, healing modality, teacher, book, etc.  In the end, we are always our own best guides for our soul growth and development.

That being said, I do also believe each and every one of us has intuitive/medium/psychic abilities, but often we are unsure how to control or hone them, how to protect ourselves and develop good boundaries, etc.  Because it can be difficult to know where to start, I developed classes to share what I’ve learned on my journey (often, unfortunately, the hard way 😉).  I truly believe that fostering community in this work, where we can share our experiences, connect through mutual learning, growth and inspiration, and realize we are never alone, is essential on this path

Please contact me for details and to find out when the next available round of classes will be starting!  Topics cover a variety of psychic and mediumship self-development issues, including, among other subjects:

  • The five “clairs” – ways in which we all receive psychic information

  • The seven chakras, their psychological, emotional and spiritual symbolism, and how you can incorporate them in readings and healings

  • Guides, angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, galactic beings, Mother Earth, oracles and other spiritual helpers

  • Self-trust, personal empowerment and perceived safety in this work

  • Energy management, balance and self-awareness on this path

  • Importance of self-awareness, personal responsibility and continually doing your own healing work

  • Boundaries, safety and intention: “negative” entities, lower vibrations, earthbound spirits

  • Balance between a spiritual path and living day-to-day on this planet

  • Support around incorporating spirituality into professional work (for therapists and other helping professions)

  • Psychometry and other types of psychic readings

  • Other topics as needed and as I’m intuitively guided

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