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One-on-One Sessions

PLEASE NOTE:  My office is located in Arlington, MA, but I often work long-distance via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Video or Skype video sessions.  The healing work remains the same whether in person or over video, as I can send distant-Reiki during the video session.


  • Time Investment:  three 2-hour sessions, totaling 6 hours of healing work

  • Scheduled every two to three weeks to allow time for integration between sessions

  • One-on-one sessions

  • In-person or via video

  • These packages include three in-depth sessions, totaling roughly 6 hours of healing work, and are for those who are ready to finally achieve a level of healing that leads to the permanent release of deeply ingrained dysfunctional soul patterns of beliefs, behaviors, and relationships.  These most often stem from old trauma and unhealed wounds around soul lessons that are carried forward through numerous past lives, and which are then compounded by current-life trauma.

  • These sessions are for those who have already experienced a form of therapy and in-depth personal exploration, and who are well-aware of their deeper issues and patterns.  In these sessions we explore your deeper life-to-life soul lessons, which are the root of “stubborn” present life issues and dysfunctional behaviors and relationships.  We all incarnate repeatedly to work on our deeper soul lessons, and deciphering those patterns enacts a shift in perspective for greater healing and release. 

  • The first 2-hour session begins with 30-40 minutes to discuss your goals and connect to the energy for that day’s treatment, roughly an hour on the Reiki table, and time afterward to process what has unfolded.  The second and third sessions mirror the structure of the first, and will continue to build off of the work we’ve accomplished in whatever way we are guided to for your highest good.  All three sessions are highly guided by Spirit around the consecutive unfolding of themes and processes in the individual healing journey.  Each session is highly unique but is part of the overall “treatment plan,” and combined they enable greater healing and depth of progress.

  • All three sessions will be scheduled within an 8- to 10-week timeframe, to allow time between sessions for processing, but to ensure that not too much time passes in the work. This is for a few reasons, one of which is that very deep energy shifting and healing builds off of each session, enabling much deeper work.  When sessions are spread out over many months, momentum can be lost, we forget what came up in the prior session, etc.  For this type of healing, it’s important to keep the energetic momentum going!  😊


  • Time Investment:  1.5 hours each, minimum commitment of 6 sessions

  • Can be weekly or bimonthly

  • One-on-one sessions

  • In-person or via video

  • This therapeutic option is for those who would like a longer-term, slower exploration of their unhealed trauma and old patterns; would like to work at a less intense pace; and perhaps do not have much experience with therapy, spiritual healing or energy work.

  • Ongoing spiritual mentoring is for those who are on a quest to uncover or strengthen their spiritual gifts and discover their true soul path.  I am passionate about helping my Lightworker clients recognize the powerful healing and medium abilities that they already possess on a soul level!  This is usually reinforced by a long past life pattern around specific gifts and abilities, which can be exciting and encouraging to learn about.  I also help you heal fears, blocks or wounds preventing you from fully embracing your spiritual gifts.

**SERVICES AVAILABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF SESSIONS, depending on what is needed at the time, include:

  • REIKI as a foundation for all of our work

    • Chakra Exploration – deeper energy work focusing on the emotional, psychological and spiritual symbolism of the chakras

    • Chakra Healing – identifying deeper soul lessons and life-to-life relationship contracts, and releasing soul-level wounding accrued around these themes in your soul’s journey

    • Releasing Collective Wounded Chakra Energy – identifying and releasing chakra energy that belongs to greater collective wounding (connected to your personal soul lessons)

  • MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING AND TRAUMA THERAPY as a foundation for all of our work

    • Inner Child Work – present life therapy focused on unhealed childhood, adolescent and adult trauma via the inner child soul part

    • Past Life Therapy – past life therapy with both healed and wounded past life incarnation soul parts, focused on deeper life-to-life soul lessons and patterns (Akashic Records/Past Life Readings included)

    • Shamanistic Healing – identifying, healing and integrating lost or wounded soul parts from this and other lives; integrating your shadow self (shameful, painful or rejected soul parts)

    • Ancestral and Lineage Healing – identifying and releasing toxic cycles and patterns of abuse and wounding that your soul might be carrying from prior generations of family


    • Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings, Mother Earth and Other Beings of Light – accessing their wisdom, knowledge and healing

    • Your Spiritual Team – connecting to your human and animal guides, power animals, angels, elementals and myriad other beings

    • Your Higher Self – accessing its immense power and wisdom for greater healing and integration

    • Your Inner Divine Masculine and Feminine Soul Energies – allowing you to fully step into and embrace the healthiest expression of your light and power


    • Crossed-over Loved Ones – connecting for healing, grief work and forgiveness

    • Higher Selves of Living Loved Ones – connecting if it is for the highest good of both to facilitate healing

    • Animal Communication – connecting with both crossed over animals and the Higher Selves of living animals

    • Earthbound Spirits – connecting for healing and release if needed

OTHER HELPFUL INFO for one-on-one sessions:

  • As I channel the Reiki, I will be guided to lightly place my hands on your head, shoulders, limbs and certain chakras.  In sensitive areas I will hold my hands slightly above the body.  If you would prefer to have no contact during the sessions, please let me know.

  • It is best to wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, such as yoga clothes, for your Reiki sessions.  Please dress in layers; some people’s body temperatures drop a bit when they are on the table, while others can grow quite warm.  The Reiki energy affects everyone differently.  It is recommended that you eat a nourishing meal before your session and drink plenty of water, so that you are comfortable and hydrated.  I will also have hot tea and filtered water on hand, as well as chocolate (which helps with grounding post-session).

  • During each session, depending on your current needs and where we are in the work, we will be spiritually guided to use any combination of counseling, mediumship, channeling, past life work, chakra work, and psychic readings to support and further your healing.  Every session is different, and to get the most out of each appointment, it is best to be open to the combination of techniques that would most benefit your present situation.  It is not unusual for initial goals to expand in surprising (but healing) directions.  An openness to the flow will ensure powerful, enjoyable work for us both.

  • I recommend giving yourself some TLC and down-time after each session to integrate the energetic and emotional work we’ve accomplished.  Most people sleep quite soundly the night after an appointment, and continued hydration for the next 24 hours helps the body to flush out any energy that is not needed.  I am always available via email for questions and follow-up if anything arises post-session.

  • Please contact me for package pricing.  I accept cash, check or credit card; I am not able to accept insurance at this time.  To make an appointment, please visit the "Contact" page and send me a message with the best way to reach you; I will be in touch so we can schedule a time to meet.  I look forward to working with you!

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