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Mediumship and Channeling

As a psychic medium, I serve as a conduit for energy from the Other Side, a connection between our plane and the Spirit plane.  “Spirit” consists of all energy we cannot perceive with our physical eye, including deceased loved ones and animals, guides, angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, galactic beings, Mother Earth, elementals and myriad other beings of light.  That plane has unlimited access to ours, and our loved ones are always around, watching over us and sending assistance and support.

One of the most important messages I give as a medium is that because there is always a bigger picture, our deceased loved ones have crossed over at the time they did for a reason, even if it seemed traumatic, unexpected or premature.  This does not discount our very real grief, but they do want us to know they are safe, healing and continuing to grow and evolve on the Other Side.

I often channel messages from clients’ loved ones, their spiritual teams of guides, the angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, galactic beings of light, and whomever else Spirit feels would best serve the person at that moment.  The messages are always for the client’s highest good at that point in his or her life, so I do not control who comes through, or the content of the information; I am simply the conduit.  In my experience, the messages always come from a place of love and are inherently healing for the recipient.  And quite often, these messages have unexpected humor that raises our vibrations and aids in the healing process!

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