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Past Life Therapy

A deep foundation of my therapeutic trauma work is the concept that we are divine souls who have chosen to incarnate repeatedly on this plane to learn and master deeper soul lessonsAs Lightworkers, we are carrying not only wounding around these soul lessons on a personal level from multiple lives, but also ancestral wounding and collective wounding around bigger human themes.  It is a tremendous amount of energy to work through and release, but we have signed up for this as part of our journey to heal ourselves and raise the collective vibration of the planet.  Identifying your personal past life patterning around major soul lessons is a perfect place to start the healing journey.

Exploring your past lives around specific themes can bring clarity about the deeper soul lessons you’ve been working on from lifetime to lifetime, and can greatly broaden your perspective about long-held patterns, relationships, behaviors and beliefs.  In my practice, I have found that nearly all major current life traumas, difficult relationships and painful issues hold deep emotional and energetic roots in past lives (connected to deep soul lessons) and within life-to-life relationship contracts.

Past life therapy allows individuals to witness (from a safe, supported space) traumatic past lives which are still impacting them today, often unknowingly.  Taking it a step further, shamanically connecting with the traumatized past life incarnation (a deeply wounded soul part that needs reintegration) can be powerfully healing, and the positive effects can ripple forward into the present life in fascinating ways.  As a trauma therapist, I specialize in this type of past life work, specifically around healing trauma and helping clients release long-standing soul patterns of behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve them.

I am also certified to give more formal Akashic Records readings.  The Akashic Records contain a complete record of our souls’ existence from the beginning, including every life we have lived on this planet (as well as all other dimensions, realities and existences).  Accessing the Records can enlighten us by giving us the bigger picture of our soul’s journey through growth and evolution, capturing patterns of both “failures” (which are never really failures) and successes, so we can learn from them and apply that knowledge to this life.  If we find that a more formal reading would be useful to aid in healing, we can come up with appropriate questions and I will channel the answers either during the session verbally, or after the session in writing.

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