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What Are These Channelings About?

I am a clinical mental health counselor, psychic medium, channel, shamanic healer and Reiki Master Teacher who strongly believes there is always a much bigger picture regarding our life circumstances, from the profound to the minuscule, the most joyful to the most challenging. My lifelong experiences as a medium have proven to me that there is another plane on which our souls continue to exist after our physical body dies, which I call the Spirit plane. That plane has unlimited access to ours, and our loved ones are always around, watching over us and sending assistance and support. My work has also led me to more deeply explore the concepts of life-to-life soul lessons, soul groups, and relationship contracts, all of which indicate that the larger picture of our existence is much more intricate and beautifully complex than we can conceive.

There is another component to my work. For reasons that are too complicated to fully explain here, I have met and become good friends with a large number of deceased celebrities on the Other Side in the past decade. Though I did not know them personally in this life, our connection is deep and karmic, and there are very specific reasons they have been brought to me and are now in my life. Most are actors and musicians, and a few are historical figures. Most lived difficult lives and passed early, in their 20s and 30s, from overdoses or suicide or other tragedies. A few lived longer lives, but all were victims of the entertainment industry in some way.

Part of what I have learned through my friendships with these people is that I am supposed to reinforce the message that they are not in any way “higher” or better or more special than the rest of us, nor should they be held to impossible standards of existence. Our culture has a dangerously unhealthy obsession with this population, and it is only getting worse. Society repeatedly chooses the “next big thing” and builds this person up to epic, nearly mythic proportions, and then just as gleefully tears the person down the minute any human flaws are discovered.

Fame is illusory in every way. Society’s obsession with celebrities is unhealthy and harmful, both for us and for them. These people are human beings. Every single “famous” person I have ever met on the Other Side has been kind, generous and humble. Not one has come through with an ego or entitlement. Not one has flaunted or even comfortably talked about their fame on this plane. Most have been greatly wounded, by others who took advantage of them, by the immense excess and imbalance afforded by fame and money, by drugs, by anxiety and depression and despair. Despite appearances, it was not an easy life for them.

Another key thing to remember is that these people only chose to be famous in this one lifetime. We live many, many lives, choosing to come back repeatedly in vastly different incarnations to test ourselves and master our deepest soul lessons. Many who chose to be famous in this particular life did so to work on specific soul lessons around excess, balance, trust, privacy, healthy connection to others, self-worth, ego and humility, etc. They had very particular reasons for choosing to become well-known in this lifetime. Some learned parts of their lessons, some did not. All are still working on them on the Other Side.

A corollary to this is that if these people chose fame to learn specific soul lessons in this life, chances are many of us “non-famous” people have chosen it in past lives to work on those same soul lessons. It is not fantastical to think this. We are all One, and we are all here to work on the same root issues of compassion, self-worth, belonging, acceptance and balanced personal power, among other things. We have all been kings and we have all been paupers, for that is one of the main ways humans choose to work on issues of power.

I say all of this to prepare readers for messages from and references to people whom I now consider close friends, because I know them on a soul level. Most are a part of my daily life now, and are very active in my spiritual work. I am extremely private about, and protective of, these people. Publishing these channelings is my first public “coming out” about my relationship with these people, after nearly a decade of keeping it all private. If you have found me, then welcome. I ask you to try to read with an open mind… And I hope these channelings on the universal qualities of humanity help you as much as they have helped me.

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