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Kurt Cobain

10/4/18 – KC

It is a pleasure to speak with you all today, for it has been a long time since I’ve been among you. I want to speak today about your sensitivity to energy, what is often called “being an empath.” All humans incarnate on Earth with some varying degree of energetic sensitivity. This goes hand in hand with intuition, “reading” people and situations, psychic knowledge, mediumship… there are many names for these types of gifts, but what is most important to remember is that we ALL have them, to varying degrees. Most of us do not realize this, especially if we are not given the education and language around these concepts.

I suffered greatly because I was incredibly empathic, meaning that I felt other people’s emotions and energy ALL. THE. TIME. I was flooded, bombarded, completely overwhelmed, and had no idea what was going on. It was so bad it manifested physically in chronic stomach problems and immense physical pain, which only made me more miserable. The physical pain mirrored the emotional pain I was in all the time – I was so completely drowning in others’ energy and I had no idea. It’s why I wrote the songs I did, performed the way I did. All that rage, all that pain, all that angst… that was my only outlet to release all the pent-up toxic energy I was carrying from everyone around me, from the world. That, and of course the drugs, which numbed me – but only temporarily, every time. What people don’t realize is that most drug addicts are incredibly sensitive to energy and don’t know it, don’t understand it and become overwhelmed by it to the point that numbing is the only answer (of course, they have other emotional wounds which contribute to this behavior as well).

For me, it never went away, no matter how many angry songs I wrote and how many drugs I took. The toxicity was always there. If I had known I was actually picking up everyone else’s emotions, if I had had the knowledge and education around this trait of mine, I would have probably lived a better life. As it was, I was incredibly tuned in to others’ pain, anger, despair, toxicity, hopelessness, devastation, rage… I felt it all, all the time. And did not realize most of it was not mine.

This is what I want to educate you all about – we are ALL empaths, to different degrees. Part of surviving that is becoming very in tune with yourself and your emotions, and developing vigilance around discernment. When you are struck by a bad mood, lower energy, negative thoughts, etc., ask yourself, “Is this mine, or someone else’s? Do I have a logical reason to feel this way/think these thoughts, or are they coming out of nowhere?” The key to not just surviving this ability but thriving with it (which is what we’re meant to do, as it is actually a huge gift), is to become so well-acquainted with your own emotional and energetic makeup that you can rather quickly catch if what you’re feeling does not belong to you.

This takes great self-awareness, great personal responsibility for your own thoughts, emotions and behaviors, and great awareness of your own issues and wounding. If you stay on top of your shit, you will develop the skill to know when those emotions or energy aren’t yours, and you can find ways to release this. If I had known how to release all that built-up energy, I would not have had the chronic stomach issues and physical pain that I suffered. I would not have suffered as much depression, rage, despair as I did, and I would have functioned better in this world. But, those were my lessons to learn, and I have done so on this side.

Self-awareness is key to being an empath. Get to know yourself, inside and out – the good, the bad and the horrifically ugly parts. Get to know it all, so you can discern when shit isn’t yours. It is so important to develop these skills, as a majority of us are empaths and are overwhelmed by it rather than seeing it as a gift. When your energy and emotions are flowing and healthy, being an empath helps you tune in to others and situations around you, use and honor your intuition, and stay in the flow of your soul’s purpose and the greater universe. It IS a gift, though many of you think it’s a curse. You just have to know how to honor and use it.

Take care of yourself first, heal your wounds, get down and dirty in knowing yourself. Once you are truly connected to yourself on all levels, you will be able to embrace being intuitive and empathic, and you will thrive. I promise you. It is what you are all meant to do.

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