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Patrick Swayze

10/4/18 – PS

I want to talk about dichotomies, black and white thinking, either/or mentality, and the excessive restriction and boundaries around flow and balance. This has long been a human struggle and where it once served us, it no longer does. This extends to all areas of human existence, but is most often expressed through power, specifically regarding the male and female energies within each of us, on a soul level, and the need to balance, honor and express both. There is most often great abuse and/or silencing of one or the other energy within in our culture, and it is becoming more and more prominent. In the past few years in particular, this subject has become heavily relevant, specifically regarding how abusive “traditional” male energy repeatedly subjugates and violates the feminine. It is all over the media – politicians, entertainment moguls, business powerhouses, our own president… it is everywhere. And it is time to finally be healed. This is why it is all rising to the surface, why it is all coming out now, so publicly, over and over.

When I was growing up, there was no talk of humans having both vibrations of energy. Men were men and women were women. It was a pretty black and white, closed paradigm around who and what we were allowed to be both publicly and privately. This mostly came from fear and a need to control the system – fear of allowing integration, balance, flow back and forth between the two equally necessary energies within each of us. Roles needed to be defined, clear-cut and boundaried, control needed to be exerted and anyone who went outside those rules was deemed miscreant.

Thankfully in the most recent generations, things are becoming more fluid and there is much more acceptance around the fact that all souls carry both energies – and that we should be allowed to embrace and express both. I went against my times by being both a “macho” actor and a “feminine” dancer. I played a transgender character in a movie. I was a contradiction to many, because of this. I went against the rules. I frustrated many. But that was my greater soul purpose, to start to buck the system and shake things up. To go against the assumption that male and female energy is correlated with sexual orientation, gender identification, sexual preference, etc. I was a straight man who danced and played a transgender woman.

No one could reconcile the two types of roles I chose, the Roadhouse and the Dirty Dancing, the To Wong Foo… but that was the point. That was why I chose those seemingly conflictive roles. To shake things up through the vehicle of the entertainment industry, which has been considered “safer” in some ways around introducing threatening ideas. Many straight actors are now embracing gay roles, both male and female, as it is not as shocking as it once was, and the next big movement is around honoring and giving voice to transgender and gender fluid actors (and hence, to the general public).

All humans are equal, and we are all incredibly complex energetically, emotionally, physiologically – I am unable to do it justice by putting it fully into words. But part of our evolution as souls is to begin to understand that we must embrace ALL of it, all versions of humanity, regardless of whether it “fits” into the older black and white paradigms. Because those paradigms are outdated, and no longer relevant. They were never relevant, really, but were a part of our evolutionary growth on a soul level. For on a soul level, we are all One, and we are all equal, and all expressions of our existence are valid.

I will say it again: ALL EXPRESSIONS OF SOUL EXISTENCE ARE VALID. There is no “wrong” way to exist in this world when it comes to gender identity and fluidity, sexual orientation, sexual preference and the expression of the masculine and feminine energies within you. This is what I came to start teaching others, through the medium of acting, and it greatly pleases me to see younger generations embracing this soul knowledge and working to teach the older generations, to heal those deeper wounds around openness, acceptance, tolerance and freedom.

Tolerance will come, we just need to continue practicing viewing all with an open heart. When you think of someone whose appearance, lifestyle or choices go against your beliefs, it is time to drop down into your heart and view them through that lens instead. The judgment, the intolerance, the fear, the rejection – this all comes from the mind, and old wounding and fears that have not been healed. When one drops down into the heart, that all disappears and you are able to view the other as a fellow human, a fellow soul on this journey in this world, a compatriot of sorts.

Go into the world with love, my friends. It truly is the only thing that will save us and help us all evolve to the next level. Thank you for letting me speak to you today.

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