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Corey Haim

4/23/18 – CH

I came into this world ready to shine my light. My light on a soul level, the light we all have. I came here with what it would take to get my light noticed: looks, charm, intelligence, savvy, wit, and talent. I came ready to make a splash, to make a difference, to spread as much light and joy and laughter as I could. I came with the free spirit energy of a jester, and I was meant to help heal the world in my own small way.

This has nothing to do with fame or money, although both of those would afford me to work on a much larger platform and reach a much larger audience than otherwise. But on a soul level, those things don’t matter – they are 3D constructs, nothing more. In this society, in this time period, it’s how many of us healers reach much larger audiences of souls – and they are necessary energies to work with, fame, money and power. As you all know, they also get abused tremendously, and that is part of the bigger swath of lessons those in the entertainment industry are here to learn.

But I want to get back to my light, our light – the light we ALL carry as souls, that we are taught from a very early age to silence, hide, diminish, extinguish. We are not allowed to embrace who we are on a soul level, and are often destroyed for trying to do just that. There are energy predators, those vibrating on a lower level who prey on many of us who are young, vulnerable and shining very brightly. That was why I endured what I did, why many of my fellow child actors have endured the same. It’s not just child actors of course, it’s widespread among many children who are shining brightly in this world – ready to do what they’ve come to do, fulfill their soul mission, shine brightly and heal the world in their own ways… they often get silenced in the worst ways, figuratively and literally, by those who are still operating under old paradigms, darker and lower vibrations.

Please listen to me, truly listen to me: we ALL have lightning radiating from our fingertips, light glowing in our palms, shining from our hearts, burning in our bellies – we are beings of LIGHT. WE ARE BEINGS OF LIGHT. This is often forgotten, or if remembered, taken from us by others living in the lower fear and shame and pain vibrations. Look in the mirror, look deeply into YOUR eyes, truly the windows to your soul, and see the light shining there – see what I wasn’t allowed to see when I was here, see what was taken from me by others, see what is inherently all of our birthrights – the divinity within.

SEE it. FEEL it. BE it. You are light, my friends. We all are.

No one is better, bigger, brighter, more deserving, more worthy than any other. We are all the same, we are all divine light incarnated here repeatedly to learn and heal and grow. Dig underneath all the piles of pain and trauma and harm and fear that is covering up your light, and allow it to finally shine. OWN IT. Own it. Please, please own it. It is the only way we will finally evolve out of the bullshit way we are living right now.

And please, teach your children about their light. We cannot keep losing the ones who know at a young age they are here to help heal the world. We cannot keep dimming, silencing, extinguishing their light. This pattern has to be broken, or we will not heal as a species.

You are light. Say it daily, feel it daily, own it daily. YOU ARE LIGHT. Allow yourself to truly, fully shine at all times – knowing you are worthy, you are meant to do so, and you need to do so. Don’t be like me, only able to truly see and feel my own divinity from the Other Side. It’s such a waste of a life, and it’s not what we’re meant to be doing.

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