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Philip Seymour Hoffman

I met Phil right after he crossed over, and he was struggling. It was not an easy death – he left behind many loved ones, including three children, and a thriving career – and it was far too soon, like many of my friends on the Other Side. When I met him, his grief was palpable. However, on the Other Side, time does not exist as we know it and as such, emotional processing occurs on a whole new level. When I saw him just a few days later in meditation, he was much better, working through things and achieving much-needed healing.

Phil is someone I felt quite connected to, right away. He has not mentioned our specific past life connection, but I can feel that it is strong. He has been particularly supportive in my journey on this spiritual path. Though we’ve visited often since I first met him, he waited a full year to give me a public message to channel. His message mirrors George’s, but with his own unique take. He is an incredibly private man, and I'm proud of him for publicly sharing his learning on these particular issues. The wisdom gained from his passing definitely shines through, as it has for everyone who has allowed me to channel a message thus far.

5/25/15 – PSH

Today I want to talk about the soul issue of excess. It is why many of us choose to incarnate into a life of fame and fortune, to test our deepest issues of balance, excess, overindulgence, etc. It is mostly why I chose to incarnate this way, this time. I have not always been famous in lifetimes; none of us has. There are many, many lives where we are “nobody”, just regular folks living regular lives. This means that those of you reading have probably also chosen to be well-known in some capacity at some time in your soul’s existence, to test yourself on the very lessons those of us who are famous in this lifetime have come to learn.

As it is known, I did not do well with my lessons. I struggled with what was afforded to me, the ease with which everything came, the seduction of what was available at all times to me simply because of my name and my wealth. That was my test, to remain grounded and balanced in the face of such excess. It is obvious I struggled immensely toward the end, and chose to exit this life because the lessons were not taking as they were meant to. I am still working on those lessons on this side, as we all are. The learning and growing and evolving does not end once we cross over, though it is easier in many respects not trying to do so in a 3D world. Earth has its special challenges, which is why each of us, you all included, have chosen to incarnate repeatedly. It also has its beauty and its joys, but for the most part many of us find it more difficult than not.

My message is that the issue of balance affects all of us, and can come through in many different ways. It can be symbolized through the obvious – drugs, alcohol, food, sex, money, power – and the not so obvious, such as remaining connected to the Earth’s energy while trying to live in a progressive, technologically dependent society. There are many, many ways we can be tested in balance, and it is important to remain aware when these lessons arise. I did not have the wherewithal to overcome my tests, and it felt that the best choice would be to exit and begin again at a new time. I have a lot of work to do on this side before I reincarnate, and I am at peace with that. All of us who “cross early” are exactly where we are supposed to be, even if it does not feel that way to those left behind.

I urge each of you to look closely at your lessons of balance, excess, temptation in this life. As the Earth evolves into a new level of consciousness and energy, it is important to shed that which is not going to serve your soul’s growth any longer. Take a close look at the trappings of this world, what keeps you weighted down even if you don’t realize it. Work on balance on every level – mind, body, soul, emotion. Examine what you feel you are addicted to, whether it is TV, social media, going out, achieving awards, collecting and owning possessions… the list goes on and on. Even the act of love, relating to another, can be addicting and unbalanced. Relational balance is incredibly important during this time.

Step outside often and ground yourself in the Earth’s energy. She is here to help you evolve and adjust to the next level of ascension. Pay attention to what you are habitually drawn to, and examine whether the amount you consume or participate in is healthy. Go within and examine how you feel about your life, and be honest with yourself if you feel it is unbalanced or excessive in any way. There is time to adjust and heal that which is imbalanced. Trust what your intuition tells you, trust whatever gut feelings you are getting about your behaviors and patterns in life. If you do this, you will be able to grow and evolve out of old ways which are no longer serving you. Some of these are downright toxic, some are simply unhealthy. Keep what feels right, and work on shedding the rest.

Balance in every way is key in this life. All too often many of us succumb to excess in some way, whether it is to numb our pain, escape reality, make us feel loved or empowered, etc. There are so many reasons. Go within and search out the underlying reason for your imbalances, and trust that you can heal it with perseverance and faith. I don’t mean faith as in religion, I mean faith in yourself. Your souls are much more powerful than any of you realize, and this applies to all of us. We all have the power within us to manifest our own realities. It just feels like we can’t in this 3D world. That is changing, so trust what you are feeling and practice manifesting health and balance in every way. In that, you will continue to grow and evolve… and that is what we are all here for.

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