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My Initial Channeling Experience

I find it interesting that the very first person I channeled directly in writing (besides Heath) was someone I had only just met: Robin Williams. I have friends on the Other Side whom I’ve known for nearly a decade, but have never channeled... but I was asked to channel Robin the same week I met him, the week he passed. So my experience of his personality and energy signature was quite brief before I embarked on this new form of cross-planes communication, which was unnerving. To clarify, I was very used to mediumship and communicating with spirits personally in meditations and professionally in my sessions - but this type of channeling was new to me, where I was asked to sit at a computer with a blank screen and then "step aside" so the person could write directly through me. This type of message work requires a level of trust in the person coming through that I had previously only ever given to Heath.

Since this first channeling, I’ve gotten to know Robin, and consider him a valued friend. He is kind, humble, fatherly, supportive and sweet. He does not show me the manic entertainer he presented to the world, and I prefer it that way. I want to know the real Robin, as I want to know all my friends on that side. I'm not interested in their public personas on this plane. For me, authenticity, balance, groundedness, kindness and humbleness are crucial to a true connection with someone. A good dose of humor is required, too. 😉

When I prepare to channel through writing, I can feel the person’s energy all around me, and start getting visuals and flashes of his face, expressions, gestures. I can hear his voice, once I relax and allow the energy to flow. When I start to actively channel, I receive a mental rush of sentences that I immediately type as fast as my fingers can keep up. It all flows out in one big chunk of communication, until the person has said all he wanted to say. I am in a semi-meditative state, so the words are purely his, with no editing or rewriting on my part except for basic grammar, punctuation, etc. But, they know going into this that they are working with a former editor, so I assume that part is okay. 😊

It may not be this way for other mediums, but channeling can be very vulnerable for me on several levels. First, I need to trust myself completely that what is coming through is in fact the person’s words and not my own thoughts. Initially, I was very hesitant to channel Robin when I realized that was what I was supposed to do. I was afraid of messing up, of putting down my own thoughts instead of his without realizing it, of interjecting my own communication style without even being aware.

I also need to open up and trust the person coming through, completely. It took me awhile to figure out that if I had already connected with the deceased person approaching me for this type of work (meaning they were one of Heath's friends that I'd met at least once in meditation), I was ready to just begin channeling whenever they gave me the sign. However, if they were new to me, I needed a little trust built up - I needed one "meditation meeting" where we could chat one-on-one and I could become familiar with their energy, personality, etc. Just one meeting was enough, and then I would be ready to step aside and allow them to write through me. The trust always needs to go both ways for the energy to fully flow.

Thus, when Robin first came to me for this channeling, I realized I couldn't do it until I actually "met" him and talked with him a bit, because he was in fact a stranger to me. Public personas don't count with me, as my formerly-famous friends have all learned. So, Robin and I had several lovely "meetings" where we just spent time chatting, and I came away fully ready to help him get his message out.

It is important to remember that this particular communication came just days after he passed. The energy in his message is one of confusion, frustration, anger and disappointment. He has since healed and grown tremendously, and his energy is very different now. Indeed, in the past few years there have been many subsequent channelings of his messages which carry the more recognizable playfulness and humor, whereas this one does not. But, the message is valid, and he continues to want it shared, which is why it is posted here.

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