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Elvis Presley

10/18/18 – EP

Hello to all of you, and welcome to “Talking with Elvis.” I joke about this because it seems that I am one of the most popular dead people to try and contact, which sometimes still baffles me. There are so many more interesting people over here than me! Einstein, anyone? That guy has fascinating things to talk about! Anyway, I do have an important message today, and it is about “big” versus “small” endeavors.

Specifically, there is a message in society that you have to make it really big to make any sort of difference in this world. Fame and fortune and power are touted as the only way to truly be noticed, be loved, enact change, reach the masses. In certain circumstances, and for specific reasons, this can be true. Massive changes in political, economic, historical and cultural climates are sometimes needed to be brought on by one or a few souls who burst on to the scene to cause a ruckus, but in those instances we have signed up to do that to propel humanity’s evolution forward.

What is more important, and much less acknowledged, is the everyday, “smaller” actions that cause just as much forward movement. I want to talk today about the ripple effect, and how it is actually even more powerful than one big boulder being thrown into the lake. And I want to frame this topic not around action, but energy – vibration, to be specific. Our society is framed around “do, do, do.” Action, behavior, outward movement. We are taught to work hard, to make things, to build, to expand externally through material means. What we are not taught is that the most important building and expansion occurs on an energetic level, within each of us, as we grow and evolve psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

The more we do our inner work, take care of our inner wounds and fears, heal and release and make space for new levels of being, the more we raise our overall energetic vibration – and THAT, my friends, is what changes the world. Because as you change your individual vibration, you touch every single person you come into contact with and by energetic law, you help them to raise their own vibration. This can happen either by them subconsciously wanting to match your higher vibration, or by your vibration causing their own lower vibrations to be brought to the surface to be confronted and healed. This all happens on a very subtle, energetic level, but is much more powerful than anything you can do or achieve externally in the world.

It is difficult to express just how important taking care of your energy is to the overall health of the world, the overall expansion and growth and evolution of humanity. We are taught that we have to do and achieve outside external things to evolve, but the truth is it all starts within, on a very basic level – our energetic vibration. I did choose, on a soul level, to do things externally – break onto the music scene in a huge way, with “new” expressions, become famous and change a great deal about pop culture in my time. I chose to do this because I had a lot of deeper personal lessons to learn that would be challenged in the greatest way through a very public life – lessons of self-worth, safety, being authentic and owning all parts of me, being worthy of receiving unconditional love (the real me versus the public persona), trusting others and trusting myself, etc. So yes, the path I chose made some huge ripples in society, but the greater purpose was for me to work on my own lessons. For the majority of you, you can learn your lessons more privately. After all, there can only be one Elvis. 😉

It is more important that you take responsibility for your own energy than anything you do or create or achieve externally in the world. It’s hard to impart how important this is for humanity’s evolution, but luckily the concept of energy management, taking personal responsibility for one’s thoughts, emotions and actions, education around what energetically belongs to you and what does not, etc. is becoming more common. This type of information was not available in our day. I was an empath, sensitive, intuitive – and had no one to explain it to me. Many, many, many of us on this side fit that bill. We are all lightworkers, healers in our own way. We just didn’t know it or have the education or vocabulary around it, so we had to learn our lessons a different way, often much more difficult due to the lack of information around how we are built energetically.

Thankfully, that information is out there now, and we implore you to use it – to learn about what it means to be energetically sensitive and to learn how to balance that, stay on top of your issues, keep that vibration raised. That one “small” act will change the world, I promise you. It’s so much better than any ol’ rock and roll song. 😉

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